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Shreveport, Louisiana
Remington Suite Hotel

"The Remington Suite Hotel is an intimate boutique hotel located in the heart of Downtown Shreveport, Louisiana, offering unmatched customer service and luxury accommodations."

Kim and I highly recommend this hotel. This was our first destination after our wedding, and we went back on our ninth anniversary. When we went back, it almost felt like going back home. Don't skimp. Get the Luxury suites. We recommend the "Monet".

Remington Suite Hotel
The Ozark Folk Center

"A Wonderful Way to Enjoy Yesterday," here's an adventure in yesterday's Ozark Mountain way of life that you can see, touch and enjoy today. Arkansas's unique Ozark Folk Center State Park is America's only facility that works at preserving the Ozark heritage and presenting it in such an entertaining way."

Kim and I highly recommend this park. Get a cabin and get the package with the concert tickets. This is a good multi-day destination. Spend time on-site for a day or two, and make day-trips to area points of interest, then spend the evening listening to good music. If you plan it right, you can take part in week-long workshops as well. There is something for everyone.

Ozark Folk Center
Ozark Medieval Fortress

"Have you ever dreamed of medieval castles? Real strongholds of the past, built with quarried stones, felled oaks, forged tools, and bare hands."

Very, very cool. Go back over the next few decades and see the progress.

Ozark Medieval Fortress
Rush Ghost Town

"The remains of the prosperous zinc-mining town of Rush attained this status almost fifty years ago."

The drive out to Rush is a lot longer than you might think. To see it all, come prepared for a long hike with a fair amount of climbing hills.

Rush Ghost Town

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