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An exhaustive list of movies worth recommending is something that could take a lot of space and time, so this page doesn't attempt to list everything one might recommend, but its a start.

What one will not find here is a lot of recent material. Movies that do not have undercurrents of a lot of immorality are few and far between - even the kid's movies have adult themes that they wouldn't get, but Mom and Dad do. Most of the time this type of stuff will ruin a movie for me, no matter how good the rest of it is.

What you are likely to find in a list of my favorites is most anything that has to do with World War II, but most other historic themes earn higher than average points. I do like fantasy and science fiction so long as they stay clean. If you looked over a list of favorites, you might figure out I like Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, and Sean Connery a lot. There are others too, but these stand out.




  • The Princess Bride

The Wind and the Lion

This was the first VHS movie I watched after I was on my own. This movie had a lot going for it. Sean Connery is a favorite, it ties in history in an interesting way, and it has a romantic element.

A funny tidbit: At the time I had no TV and no VHS player. I was able to borrow a VHS player, but all I had for a monitor was an amber composite video monitor... well, at least it was a desert theme, right... you know, lots of yellow sand... haha.

The Wind and the Lion
Das Boot

I have several copies of this... the first one being the German language version with English sub-titles. Kim hates it, but I think it must be one of my favorite war movies... probably because it is so true to life... war is not romantic at all. My favorite line from the whole movie: "You have to have good men".

Das Boot
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Yup, the old stuff is still cool...

The Spirit of Christmas
Pixar Shorts

Good for more than a few laughs, or if you're like me, a few grins. Interesting that Pixar used to be a hardware company. Wouldn't it be great if more of our workplaces had the vision for nurturing creativity.

Pixar Shorts
The Bell Telephone Company Presents: The Spirit of Christmas

Recommended! It is available for streaming via Netflix. There are two stories... one is secular, and one is not. Produced by AT&T in the 1950's.

The Spirit of Christmas
The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

Though it seems 99% of remakes are awful, this one was very nice.

The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
Akeelah and the Bee

Very nice even if they did spoil it with three words not worth putting in. Ratings ploy I suppose, as it cleaned up after the intro. Good story.

Akeelah and the Bee
Time Changer

Most excellent movie. Hightly recommended by this family. Extraordinary!

Time Changer
Real Stories
Julia & Julia

Courtesy of a thoughtful neighbor, the big people of the house spent time together... saw Julie & Julia... and generally had a good time. It was a pleasant movie that evoked more than a few laughs.

Julie & Julia

I guess I've always like fantasy, and so when I discovered romantic fantasy, it was probably a sure thing that movies like this would be on my hit list. It's awesome that there are love stories that don't go all indecent on you.

Somewhere in Time

I'm not sure now, but I think this movie is the one where I decided I liked Jane Seymour. I really liked the story and the poignant ending was touching. Perhaps the movie was a bit fantastic and at the same time pulled at the heart strings because it generated the same kinds of feelings one might feel while looking for one's own true love.

Somewhere in Time
Roman Holiday

You don't know how long it took me to get Kim to watch this one. You know... black and white movies just can't be any good can they? I really like both Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, so that would be (almost) enough for this to be good, but the story is one of my favorites.

Roman Holiday
Davey and Goliath

These I remember watching very infrequently when I was a kid. Once in a great while we'd see it on Sunday morning. They have grown up a bit now, and have their own web site. These shorts are awesome for teaching about God, etc. It's nice that the owners permit the movies to be shown in public for free because they are a ministry.

The kids enjoy a DVD we bought, but we also enjoy catching the episodes on Sky Angel.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Good show. Kim and I watched a couple of episodes tonight on the Gospel Music Channel. Odd. Fox has a write-up just the other day about the cast and what they were up to these days. Would not have guessed she was working on her fifth marriage. Can't even begin to imagine that. Hope her last lasts, and my first is forever. Love ...ya babe!

Dr. Quinn Box Set

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