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Undernet: #Rhodesia

Check this host page out - email sponsors for best time to get on.

This is a very friendly interactive resource. Non-Rhodesians are welcome, and the topics range from chit-chat, to useful information, and political observations. Abusive behaviour is not condoned, and the channel operators can lock out offenders.

Servers Ports Info Instructions
davis.oz.org None This server has been delinked. Overseas users should use mpx.sydney.oz.org or aussie.sydney.oz.org So far, I am only aware these servers which allow access to the #Rhodesia channel.

I have not checked to see if all the servers support other port numbers yet.

The web page for the oz undernet is:


When you attempt to log in, be sure your e-mail address and name is set to something that doesn't look fake.

These servers check for unrealistic names and kick you off with a message like:

Use a real login blah blah K-lined

Once you are logged on to the server, enter the command:

/join #Rhodesia

If you end up in a channel with a user named "@Z", this is a robot, and you are in the right place!
mpx.sydney.oz.org 6666, 6667, 6668, 7000, 7777 Accepts all connections. Overseas clients should use this server. This server is located at Microplex Pty. Ltd in Sydney
aussie.sydney.oz.org 6666, 6667, 6668, 7000, 7777 Will accept all resolving connections. Overseas clients should use this server. This server is located at aussie.net in Sydney
omen.perth.oz.org 6667 Only accepts connections from *.au. This server is located at Omen Internet
rockhampton.oz.org 6667 For connections from *.edu.au, *.csiro.au, *.gov.au *.oz.au, and *.id.au only. This server is located at Central Queensland University
tig.melbourne.oz.org 6667 Only accepts connections from *.au. This server is located at The Internet Group Limited
southern.hobart.oz.org 6667 Only accepts connections from *.au. This server is located at Southern Internet Services
wollongong.oz.org 6667 For connections from *.edu.au, *.csiro.au, *.gov.au *.oz.au, and *.id.au only. This server is located at The University of Wollongong

Not very active, but both Rhodesians & Zimbabweans attend

UseNet groups are not very personal, but can be a great place to probe a large audience over time. A question or message posted here will be available for people to read over a period of days or even weeks.

UseNet groups (a.k.a. Newsgroups) are often accessed through your modern browsers. If nothing happened when you clicked the soc.culture.zimbabwe link, you will either need a newsreader program or newer browser to access this resource.

Your ISP needs to give you the name or IP address of the news server that you are allowed to use.

Once your news reader software is set up to use the server, then you can subscribe to the newsgroups you are interested in. There are presently in excess of 12,000 such groups.

For the uninitiated, be aware that a great many of these groups contain material that many people consider unsavory or immoral. It is up to the user to subscribe only to the groups that contain information of interest to them. Various ISP's maintain news servers that filter groups known to sponsor objectionable material.

Note that posting messages to UseNet may get you a lot of junk mail in your e-mail box. It is a common practice for mass-mailers to scan UseNet messages for e-mail addresses. A way to avoid getting on these lists involves setting your "return address" to an invalid e-mail address. This can be annoying to have to change, however, many people consider it even more annoying to receive unsolicited e-mail.

ONElist: Rhodesia

An e-mail list for everyone interested in Rhodesian issues

If you have heard of the "Indaba" list, but hesitate to join because you don't like the reputation it has for flame wars, or other unnecessary roughness, this list might be for you. It was started for those who want to keep up with other Rhodesians in positive, and constructive, discussions. While the forum content isn't moderated, intolerant or abusive behavior is not permitted, and offenders will not be allowed access to the list if they cannot maintain a modicum of civility. Each member agrees to be amicable whether or not they agree with other user's postings.

The Code of Conduct

  1. There will be no flame wars on this list. We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.
  2. The list is for text messages only. Images and executable files must not be sent to the list.
  3. Members of the list will be known by their real names, introduce themselves and provide a small biography.
To join the mailing list, please log on to: The Rhodesia Mailing List subscription requests have to be approved by the list manager; so subscriptions may take up to 24 hours to come into effect.

List membership tools are on the ONElist Home Page. You pick a password when you register.

You may also find other e-mail lists there.

It is possible to create your own e-mail list as well.


An active list for people interested in Rhodesia

This is a very politically orientated forum. It is also the most volatile, and may possibly offend people who do not like to hear or read strong opinions which they do not agree with.

This is a completely unmoderated list - not everyone is always on their best behavior. More than one reader has left wondering what hit them. When you subscribe, keep this in mind.

If you'd like to participate, but do not care to read postings of particular users, you may use the DELETE key liberally, or the more industrious my use e-mail filters to automatically screen messages.

Subscribing to and unsubscribing from Indaba

To subscribe to Indaba send an E-Mail to:


In the body of the e-mail, put the message:
    subscribe indaba
To unsubscribe to INDABA send an E-Mail to:


In the body of the e-mail, put the message:
    unsubscribe indaba
Here's a sample mail message that subscribes you to INDABA:
         To:       majordomo@listserver.cowan.edu.au
         Reply-to: my_mail_id@my_isp.com
         subscribe indaba
Publishing a message on Indaba

To send a message to the Indaba, send an e-mail message to:


A copy of this message will then be sent to each person currently subscribed to the Indaba mailing list.


Private Rhodesians

An interactive medium for Rhodesians requiring only a browser

So far, I have not had any luck finding people here. I have heard of a few, but by my experience, you are more likely to be able to chat on IRC. If anyone has further information, please let me know so it can be posted.

Go to Live Conversation,
find a community,
at the top select Private Rooms,
push Go,
then enter Rhodesians (case sensitive) for this room.
The room may not already exist as WebChat clears empty rooms our quite often. You might also try using "rhodesians" in lower case.
It is possible to search the WebChat site for users that name this room in their user profiles.


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